Isle of Wight Beaches

Whitecliff Bay Beach

Whitecliff Bay Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on the Island with soft sand and a gently sloping beach which also makes it ideal for swimming.

On Whitecliff Bay Beach there is a small shop selling snacks and lunches as well as an assortment of things to help you get the most fun out of a day on the beach.

The beach is directly below the North side of the Culver Downs and the hill shelters the beach. To the North is Bembridge which can be accessed by the coastal path.

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Totland Beach

Totland Beach Isle of Wight

The beach at Totland is a shingle beach with patches of sand. This beautiful West Isle of Wight beach is located between Yarmouth and Alum Bay (at the far West point of the Island) and is often a great place to a swim or relax on a peaceful beach.

There is a small shop at Totland Beach to buy snacks and ice-creams or a small restaurant specialising in seafood.

To get to Totland Beach from Yarmouth take the main road to Alum Bay, pass by Freshwater by going straight over at the roundabout and at the second roundabout (in the centre of Totland Village) take the third exit towards the coast. Go straight over at the cross roads and you will be at the beach.

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Yaverland Beach

Yaverland Beach Isle of Wight

The sandy beach at Yaverland is just along the coast from Sandown and is popular with beach goers and water sports enthusiasts. The beach enjoys glorious views of Culver Cliffs to the south and after a day at the beach it is wonderful to drive or walk up onto the Culver Downs to enjoy the sun setting and see the historic gun positions which once guarded the bay.

A small shop selling ice creams and lunches is found next to the car park. Yaverland has lots of parking and there are showers and loos for everyones convenience.

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St Helens Beach

St Helens Beach Isle of Wight

St Helens has a sandy beach with occasional patches of shingle on the East coast of the Isle of Wight between Bembridge and Seaview. This fantastic beach is a wonderful escape from more popular beaches and can be reached easily by car or on foot via the coastal path.


St Helens Beach is tucked away so here is how to find it: Go to the North end of St Helens Village towards Seaview till you get to a sharp left hand bend with a road turning off to the right. Follow this right hand road to the beach.

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Freshwater Bay

Freshwater Bay Isle of Wight

Shallow bay on the West of the Isle of Wight and offering dramatic views of the coast.

This sand and shingle beach is a delightful destination all year round due to the dramatic scenery and the rock formations at either end. In the Summer it is regarded as the most popular beach on the West of the Isle of Wight but still never gets really busy as you would find on the East of the Isle of Wight.

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Bembridge Beach

Bembridge Beach Isle of Wight

The beach at Bembridge is a sand and shingle beach on the East of the Isle of Wight between Sandown and Seaview. The beach extends around the village of Bembridge and is wonderfully varied depending which stretch you choose to enjoy.

Most popular is the area near Bembridge Lifeboat Station where there is a car park. Here the beach is a mix of sand and shingle and there are views across to St Helens and the main land beyond.

A promenade behind the beach can be followed around to the southern end of the beach towards White Cliff Bay and here you will find wonderfully peaceful sections of the coast which you can enjoy all to your self.


There are numerous cafes and restaurants in Bembridge Village as well as some nearer the beach selling ice cream and lunches. Facilities are available near the Bembridge Lifeboat Station.

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Steephill Cove

Steephill Cove Isle of Wight

Idyllic little cove with a shallow bathing area and picturesque wooden cottages

The cove at Steephill is a hidden treasure on the Isle of Wight and has remained a secrete for many years. Recently there has been recognition in national newspapers but luckily this has failed to ruin it.

A small beach of sand and shingle is backed by traditional wooden fishing cottages and fisherman still launch small craft in search of lobster and crab which are then sold behind the beach. A couple of cottages have been converted into a restaurant and cafe. Both are excellent and well worth trying.

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Sandown Beach

Sandown Beach Isle of Wight

Sandown Beach is a popular sandy beach on the East of the Isle of Wight and best known for the gently sloping beach, good swimming water and the array of family friendly activities on offer both on and behind the beach.

The beach at Sandown has been a popular holiday destination for many years and has a traditional beach holiday feel. There are numerous cafes and restaurants behind the beach as well as the main high street of the town just behind.

Facilities for swimmers are located along the beach.


At the North end of Sandown beach is Yaverland beach which is often quieter but enjoys the same sandy beach.

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Shanklin Beach

Shanklin Beach Isle of Wight

A long sandy beach backed with shops, amusements, restaurants and bars. Traditional bucket and spade stuff.

The beach at Shanklin has drawn visitors for decades and families still enjoy the sandy beaches and the range of activities. The beach is below the town of Shanklin and is reachable via the iconic Shanklin Lift which makes the sea accessible to all.

The beach is as much for promenading up and down as it is for bathing and swimming and many come to enjoy the sea air and a walk. Serious beach goers will find the beach to be sandy, well groomed and ideal for making sandcastles. For lunch or tea there is much to choose from along the seafront or above in the town.

Shanklin Beach has been awarded a Blue Flag for levels of water quality and the facilities. Find out more at

Shanklin Beach is one of several Isle of Wight beaches with Blue Flag status.

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