Whitecliff Bay Beach

Whitecliff Bay Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on the Island with soft sand and a gently sloping beach which also makes it ideal for swimming.

On Whitecliff Bay Beach there is a small shop selling snacks and lunches as well as an assortment of things to help you get the most fun out of a day on the beach.

The beach is directly below the North side of the Culver Downs and the hill shelters the beach. To the North is Bembridge which can be accessed by the coastal path.

To get to Whitecliff Bay Beach it is easiest to park along the dirt track which forms the back entrance to the Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park. From here you walk through the park and down the steepish track to the beach. Alternatively, the beach can make a good stopping off place as part of a walk along the coastal path. Park your car in either Bembridge and at the top of the Culver downs and enjoy a short walk along the coast to the beach.

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